Whole 30 Update

So, about 2 weeks ago my wife and I started the #Whole30 plan. If you're not familiar with Whole 30, think "orthodox Paleo". That is, keeping your foods to whole ingredients and eliminating foods that strict Paleo nutrition gurus suggest you take out. To get a feel for what those items are go to whole30.com.

As of today we're at day 18. I won't lie, it has been hard. The first two weeks I was pretty unhappy and hungry. That happened because of two things:

1. Me not being mentally agile enough to assemble appropriate snacks

2: My body starting to transition to a more fat based metabolism.

This week I can say that I'm feeling much better. I've learned what snacks I can have that are Whole 30 compliant AND my cravings to eat beyond the prescribed 4 meals a day has abated. The worst part for me is the evenings after dinner. I'm going to attribute this to boredom and perhaps not hitting the right percentages of macro nutrients during my day.

Melissa and I were talking this morning and we were both commenting that we've both noticed a difference in our mid section. Additionally I notice I AM sleeping better. Anyone that knows me knows that sleep is an elusive animal for me so, improved sleep feels really incredible. The Whole 30 folks claim that improved sleep is a benefit one can expect.

I still want that glass of wine or dessert item occasionally but not to such a degree that its overly frustrating. Melissa hasn't had that craving. 

I did notice last week that when I went riding my legs were feeling depleted. After adding in more complex carbohydrate sources I started feeling better on the bike. Those items for me were sweet potato hashbrowns and roasted potatoes. There are lots more options but those are things I know I like and know how to prepare.

Thats where we are today. We have 12 days left. I'll try to touch down either by video or here a couple more times before we hit the end.....Ainslie