What a tangled web we weave

I read with interest this morning about the exit of Sean Yates and Steven De Johng (http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/yates-and-de-jongh-out-of-team-sky) from Team Sky. The team had asked everyone involved with the program to sign a declaration that they had never and were not currently involved with drugs in any way. The article indicates that neither Yates or De Johng admitted to doping but yet, they were shown the door. Similarly, Bobby Julich (working in management at Team Sky) and Levi Leiphiemer (a rider with QuickStep) were released from their jobs recently too. Julich and Levi, however, had admitted to doping. The teams have created a catch 22 in my opinion. They've asked people to confess their sins but, what incentive do they have to be honest if doing so guarantees that you'll lose your job?

Both Julich and Levi were almost immediately sacked after they came clean. This new wave of admissions and subsequent firings has demonstrated that you're virtually putting the last nail in your own coffin by coming clean. What incentive do other riders have to be honest after seeing what doing so will result in? 

My wife and I were discussing this the other night. She has been around cycling for quite a while but, has an outsiders perspective. Even she was indredulous about the current situation. Cycling is calling for a revolution but is cannabalizing itself in the process. As much as anyone, I'd love to see cycling be able to change for the better and regain its credibility but, in light of the actions by teams like Sky and QuickStep, I can see how the riders would be gun shy. 

Several entities have called for an amnesty like program where-by riders could come clean and not necessarily put their jobs at risk. In my humble opinion, I think this option has merit. But, there would have to be very clear boundaries/guidelines...a solid plan in place. Past infractions would have to be forgivable. Current dopers, thats not so easy. And I'll readily admit that I'm not sure how the handle the spectrum of admissions/information such a plan might yield. What I do know is that the current environment is not conducive to riders and former riders being honest and up front. 

Just a few rambling thoughts.....A


(Photo Cyclingnews.com)